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     Hello, I'm Rich Tarsia welcome to timeforwaves. Knowing some of my thoughts and experiences will help you see what has inspired me to create my sculptures. 

    Growing up near a beach has an impact on a persons lifestyle and way of thinking. I gained a respect for the forces of nature and learned how to harness those forces. Surfing and windsurfing give you a rush that's hard to explain. I think it has something to do with being on the edge of control and insanity. Pushing to go a little faster or surfing waves a little bigger just makes the rush a little higher! I live for that high intensity! 

       I've tried to recreate some of that energy and intensity in my sculptures. Recreating waves frozen in time sends my mind on a journey. Flashbacks of great rides, the times when that intensity was peeking. I just wish I could shrink down and ride my wave sculptures. 

      I also get a satisfied feeling when nature gives me visions of dolphins playing. Or admiring a shark or tiger for their power and grace. Thoughts of their on going struggle to hunt down and catch pray to survive. The cycle  seems so simple yet brutal. One wrong move and it's all over. I feel a rush of emotions when I create some sculptures. I want to send your imagination and emotions on a wild ride!

      Unique and extraordinarily diverse life forms inhabits Earth.  All demonstrating fantastic abilities to adapt and strive even in the harshest environments.  Contemplate the countless number of planets in the universe. Natures ability to strive is undisputable. I know there's life out there. Imagine what it must look like! Some of my sculptures portray my revelations. Hopefully they open your mind to the endless possibilities. So if some of my sculptures seem out there, it's probably because that's where my mind was at the time. 

    Now that you have a little background info on the artist, maybe you might find a deeper appreciation for the art. I want to share my thoughts and feelings with the world. Enjoy the journey! Your feedback is welcome.     


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E-mail rich@timeforwaves.com 

    Me surfing the local break .

Long Beach, N.Y.

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