Wave sculptures are made of clear resin that looks remarkably like water. Most waves have a receptacle enabling them to have many different functions. Some common uses include: candle holders, flower pots, trophies, decoration,  business card holder, and more...   

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Dream On


Double over Toe

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Thumpin Surf

Better Go Left


Lookout Below

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Wet Dream




Waves are available wholesale too. Contact  rich@timeforwaves.com or phone (516) 375-4759.

Custom Waves

Customize your waves by adding any of the objects below. Other objects are available but need to be special requested via e-mail rich@timeforwaves.com  or phone (516) 375-4759

Text-  $5   Add text to your wave. Include: Names, Short Phrases, Store names or Locations placed in your wave. 

Pictures- Your own photos can be inserted-prices vary  

White water- White water creates the look of foam. - $3 .00

Sand -  For small waves $3  for larger waves - $5.00

Shells-  Caribbean shells and Long Beach N.Y. shells - $4.00

Crushed Shells  Looks like a coral bottom - $4.00

Seaweed  seaweed gives the waves a realistic quality.- $4.00

Starfish  A real starfish is placed in your wave.- $4.00

Surfer You'll wish it was you - $20.00

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