Candle light will make your sculpture glow with life. They will captivate you. Always place candles in a candle safe glass.

Left- "Lookout Below" with a candle in the receptacle. 



 When they light you'll be mesmerized. As the candle flickers it makes the wave look like its moving. 

Left- "Epic" wave.

Above-The back view shows where you place the glass that holds the candle. 

     Left- "Astronomy" Light shines through his eyes making it hypnotizing See more pictures of "Astronamy".
The sculptures work great as candle holders. Some sculptures resemble glass and allow the light to pass through them. Or they can have colored glass eyes that light up and mystify you! What better place to burn a candle. Simply place a candle in a glass that fits in the receptacle.

Most of the sculptures can be used as a candle holder.

The following is a list of all the sculptures that can not be used as a candle holder.

Ripples - Dream On - Backdoor - Tsunami  


Never Burn candles unattended. 

Candles Must be placed in a candle safe glass centered in the receptacle. 

Flame should never exceed the glass rim. 

Keep out of reach of children.

Avoid burning candles in a windy area. 

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