Check out some of the possible patterns available. Most patterns are available in different shapes and sizes. These sculptures are great as a table, bar or counter top, shelves, or even tiles. Some choose to display the sculpture hung on the wall or window. If you want a table, choose a base that matches it or your needs. Mix styles and patterns and bases. Some patterns are only available in a certain style. Those will be marked on it's display page. Tables are made of clear resin about 3/4 of an inch thick. The resin can be shaped into almost any size and shape. The resin is mixed with shells, glass and other materials creating unique patterns and colors. The tops can be combined with a base or hung up as 3d art! Some tops are translucent and look stunning when light reflects off them. When hung in a window, the effect is dramatic (suncatcher). Adding color can make the resin look like colored glass. You can request colors swirls or fade from one color into another.. Click The Tables below to enlarge and view the specifications of each. If interested in customizing, visit our custom section.


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Bases Manila Mussels

17" round 




 Ameba 22"

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The Shore

Round 48" 


Waterfall 17"


Round 18"

Crushed Amber

Wavey 24.5"

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Super Star

Square 16"

Serene Scene

Waterfall 17"

Emerald Star

Waterfall 17"

Cool Ambers

Waterfall 17"

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Manila Shores

Rectangle   21X41"'    

Amberald Crush

Rectangular 19X29"

Natural Crush

Round 24"

Mussel Mosaic

Rectangle 21X41"

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Custom Example Solitude Nets Inlayed Mussels



Two Toned

Glassy Ropes

Full Moon

Treasure Island




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