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Custom Tables

 Custom Waves

Custom Sculptures



Custom Tops and wall hangings  

SIZE-  Table tops can be made to almost any size and shape. Save money by choosing a size in stock. Or custom order the exact size needed. They can be made as counter tops or shelves as well.

Contents- After viewing the tables page you will become familiar with some of the possible patterns and materials available. If you like a pattern, you can specify the size desired.   However, you can mix patterns or design your own. Some objects that can be used include crushed glass ( blue, green, amber ), various shells, manila and other ropes, chains, marbles, starfish, photos, personal memorabilia. 

The resin ( the clear coat that encases the piece) can be colored or tinted as well. The possibilities are endless! 

Custom table prices vary depending on the time it takes to make, the size and the objects included.   

Order a custom table via e-mail  or phone (516)375-4759 Details for your order will then be worked out.  

Custom sculptures

There are two ways to customize a sculpture. 

1. Color Customize Existing Sculptures - If you like a sculpture but you want to change its color then E-mail   as specific as possible. Some changes are easily explained( I like the dragon but I want his lips green and his eyes  to glow in the dark.) Others can be much more detailed. Click on sample e-mail for Custom Colors. This is the best way to get your sculpture painted the way you want it.  Color customizing starts at $10.00 and will vary according to the amount of detail and how many colors you choose.

2. Customize an Original Sculpture -Have your own idea made just for you. Maybe you'll have a tattoo or favorite character made. What better gift for someone you care about. They will know it was made just for them.

How do I explain my idea to the artist? 

It all depends on the type of idea you have. If it is something that is common like (animal head, cartoon figure, skull, or sun) then all you have to do is include a brief description of  what you want made. Include things that will guide the artist like ( size, colors, expressions function). You need to be as specific as possible to help get what you want. You can even e-mail a picture of what you want. Scan the picture and send it or use a digital camera. Follow this Sample of a Custom Original Sculpture E-mail 

Most sculptures are made out of ceramics or resin.. And either hand painted or air brushed.  

Special effects? You can add effects to enhance the sculpture. Some special effects include light up eyes, glow in the dark paints, black light sensitive,  

Prices- Custom Sculptures vary according to the amount of detail specified or required for your creation. The more detail the higher the cost.  When you have something made just for you, the way you want it, you'll love it. It's worth the extra cost!

If you understand what to include in your custom order than e-mail .The artist will return your e-mail with an estimated cost and delivery time.    

Don't know what you want.  Check out some creations already made to choose from. You might find just what you want or get an idea for a custom piece.

Custom Waves

Customize your waves by adding any of the objects below. Other objects are available but need to be special requested via e-mail   or phone (516) 375-4759

Text-  $5   Add text to your wave. Include: Names, Short Phrases, Store names or Locations placed in your wave. 

Pictures- Your own photos can be inserted. 

White water- White water creates the look of foam. - $3 .00

Sand -  For small waves $3  for larger waves - $5.00

Shells-  Caribbean shells and Long Beach N.Y. shells - $4.00

Crushed Shells  Looks like a coral bottom - $4.00

Seaweed  seaweed gives the waves a realistic quality.- $4.00

Starfish  A real starfish is placed in your wave.- $4.00

Surfer You'll wish it was you - $20.00

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