Things to include in you e-mail

1 - What it is( sun, character, your own drawing, )

2 - How big you want it( 4 inches wide 5 inches high, fits in your hand),

3 - Its function (candle holder, night light, etc).

4 - How you want it painted (specific colors, airbrushed, hand painted, etc.).

5 - Describe what expressions when it applies. scary, happy, smiling),

The following is an sample e-mail:


I want a Tiger sculpture made .I want it around 5 inches in diameter. I don't want a receptacle in the back. Instead I want him to have a solid head. I want the normal tiger colors airbrushed on him. The eyes should be yellow. Make him look mean with a few teeth showing. On the bottom I want it to say " Happy Birthday Tom"

How fast can I have this made and how much? 


Paul Fan 




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