Height-3" Width-8.5" Depth 8"


This wave is hollow and pitchin. The ideal wave to have the surfer get slotted! Check out the seaweed and sand and coral bottom.  



Above- Blue with no surfer. White water can be airbrushed on making the wave look real! Use my hand to judge size. 

Left- The round receptacle area can hold candles. The candle light makes the wave glow and shimmer! Other objects like money, keys, remotes, or cups can also be placed in the receptacle. 

Clear bottom $40.00    

Sand and shells $44.00

Surfer with sand bottom $65.00

Ripples - Dream on - Peaks - Double Over Toe - Thumpin Surf - Better Go Left - Bonsai - Lookout Below - Wet Dream - Epic - Backdoor - Tsunami


Custom Waves

Customize your waves by adding any of the objects below. Other objects are available but need to be special requested via e-mail  rich@timeforwaves.com or phone (516) 375-4759.

Text-  $5   Add text to your wave. Include: Names, Short Phrases, Store names or Locations placed in your wave. 

Pictures- Your own photos can be inserted. 

White water- White water creates the look of foam. - $3 .00

Sand -  For small waves $3  for larger waves - $5.00

Shells-  Caribbean shells and Long Beach N.Y. shells - $4.00

Crushed Shells  Looks like a coral bottom - $4.00

Seaweed  seaweed gives the waves a realistic quality.- $4.00

Starfish  A real starfish is placed in your wave.- $4.00

Surfer You'll wish it was you - $20.00



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