"Mussel Mosaic"

Looks great on the wall & can be designed as a table       

41 X 21" Rectangle


This piece framed in crushed shells followed by a ring of crushed mussels.  The center has a large bleached starfish, scallops and razor clams, all on a bed of sand.

Left- The legs made from wood and are then covered with sand and shells. There is a support beam between the legs for sturdiness and strength.


A side view with legs. Sides can be custom ordered using sand, rope, crushed shells, starfish, scallops and other shells.... 


Left- A close up of the bleached starfish, scallop and razor clam. Some shells may vary depending on supply. 



These are the prices for the different shapes and sizes available. Smaller sizes can't fit as many items, but the pattern will be similar.

16 X 16" Square  $125.00

17" Waterfall $145.00

Rectangular 29 X 19" $225.00

Wavy 24.5"  $315.00

Ameba 22" $275.00

24" round $315.00

41" X 21" Rectangle. $425.00

Custom tops  




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